Our Mission



Our Mission


Mission Statement

We partner with impactful organizations to empower and engage the people of Haiti in Christ’s name.

What makes Reiser Relief unique in the non-profit space is our partnerships that are grounded in trust and united in mission. Rather than “re-inventing the wheel” we seek and invest in partnerships with existing organizations that are making a positive impact in Haiti with ministries that align with our core values.

Core Values

Clean Water

Elder, Orphan and Disabled Care





Reiser Relief is a Catholic based non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to empowering the most vulnerable and disadvantaged Haitians.

Matthew 25:40  The King will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”


Our Board

Ann Brau – President  My husband and I live in Eden Prairie where we raised our three grown daughters.  I was baptized and married by my uncle, Father Reiser.  He taught me by example that God gets his work on earth done by using people whose hearts are humble and willing to serve.  Is has been my honor to continue his work in Haiti since joining the Board shortly after his death.

Doris Schulte – Vice President Father Bernard Reiser, our pastor and cherished friend, went to Haiti and what he saw broke his heart wide open.  His commitment to make a difference caused us to start fund raising for his cause.  Over the years, we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to reduce suffering in Haiti.

Jamie Lanigan – Vice President I live in Ramsey with my wife Jennifer and our two children.  I attended Epiphany for nine excellent years and have many fond memories of Father Reiser.  My first mission trip to Haiti was in January 2015 where I saw firsthand the need to help the people there who are suffering and need life’s most basic needs.

Joyce Getchell – Vice President  I live in Forest Lake with my husband Greg and my three school aged children.  I joined the board in 2012 shortly after my uncle, Fr. Bernard Reiser, passed away.  My service started with a desire to carry on my uncle’s legacy.  It has since expanded to a passion to follow God’s command to go and serve.

Jerry Welle – Treasurer   I live in White Bear Lake and have 3 grown children and numerous grandchildren. I attend St Mary of the Lake Catholic Church, which was Fr Reiser’s first parish assignment. I joined the Board in 2015 after praying for a new way to serve and feeling a calling to help Reiser Relief.  My wife Mary has been a volunteer and team leader on numerous trips to Haiti. I was on the Board of Directors of the Catholic Spirit Newspaper for 15 years and Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Bernie Maciej I am a nephew of Father Bernard Reiser.  I joined the board in early 2012 to help the water trucks keep delivering fresh water to the people of Haiti.  My desire is to keep the legacy that Father Reiser started in Haiti going.

Brian Olson  I live in Dayton with my wife Angela and together we have four children.  I knew Father Resier for many years while attending Epiphany Catholic School and he was also a good friend to both my parents. I was able to visit Haiti in the early part of 2016 and was deeply touched by the overall strength and perseverance of the Haitian people in spite of the many obstacles they face. My goal is to continue to try and serve those needs in whatever capacity I can.

Richard Wilder.  Through my years of friendship with Father Reiser he became an inspiration for my family of three children and my wife Rita.  When he would talk to me I knew that everything was according to God’s will.  I was honored that he asked me to become a board member so that with his directive we could help the less fortunate in Haiti. Father Reiser was and is, to this day a reason to respect life and to do God’s will always.

Joline Caswell

Mary Welle


Our Founder


Father Bernard Reiser was born in 1924 to Aloys and Ottilia Reiser, farmers living in Wayzata, Minnesota.  Father Reiser was ordained to the priesthood on June 4, 1949 and was assigned to St. Mary of the Lake parish in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  In 1964, Archbishop Leo Binz asked Father Reiser to start a parish in the quickly-growing Minneapolis suburb of Coon Rapids.  Seventy acres of farmland was acquired for the new church, which was named Epiphany after one of the great feast days of the Lord.

Under Father Reiser’s leadership, Epiphany grew to become one of the largest Catholic communities in the state.  In addition to a spacious sanctuary, the Epiphany campus includes an elementary school, a Perpetual Adoration chapel, a senior housing complex, an assisted living facility, a cemetery, and several outdoor shrines.

In 1996, Father Reiser traveled to Haiti.  ”I had seen slums in China, Egypt and Mexico City,” he wrote.  ”None of them compare to the tragic realities of the slum outside Port au Prince.”  In time, Father Reiser established Reiser Relief, Inc.

After 62 years of dedicated priesthood, Father Bernard Reiser went to the Lord on December 27, 2011 at the age of 86.

Preceded in death by his parents, Aloysius and Ottilia Reiser; brother, Alex Reiser; sisters, Lynn Maciej and Sister Bertrand Reiser, O.S.B. Surived by sister, Rosemary (Stanley) Leger; nephews, Bernie Maciej, Bob Maciej, Lee Maciej, Tony Leger and Norm Leger; and his nieces, Sue Spencer, Ann Brau, Connie Koehn, Liz Reiser, Margie Saatzer, Lois Lepinski, Rene Kopen, Mary Kay Ness, Yvonne Schuneman and Joyce Getchell.